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A Runner Alone

A netrunner awakens in an unfamiliar section of the net with a dead deck and a live sentinel.   Available on wattpad.

A Swirl of Nanites

In October 2017, wattpad hosted a wattpunk challenge for cover artists and writers. The goal was to create a cover or a story that centered around a kinetic piece of art in any of the punk subgenres. One of the suggested pieces of kinetic art was a decorative armband that allowed access to a secret […]

Chasing Normal

Fifteen-year-old technical artist and animation apprentice Travis Ando grew up moving around a lot. Her mother is an interactive movie star. Her father is a rock musician. She completed primary and intermediate school through distance education and has never had a real friend. When her mother accepts a role at a studio in her home […]

Hidden Path

An apprentice thief learns just how clever her new guild is.   Written for the Indistinguishable Challenge on wattpad, where writers were asked to create a story showcasing Clark’s Third Law.

Potted Soil

Earth Mage Minerva Watts faces her first real challenge when she returns home after graduating from the Academy. If she fails, not only will she be a failure of an earth mage, she won’t have a hometown anymore.   You can read the story on wattpad or listen to it on YouTube.  


Technomage Dani is out running errands when she learns she might have the patience of a talent scout.   This story is a repost of a story I wrote in Summer 2014 while learning to write action scenes. (This was also my first attempt at a book cover after I took a book cover design […]

Stalking the Tigers

Out for a nightly parkour run, journalist Ken Takawa comes across a group of Tiger’s Paw monks out at unusually late hour.   Available on wattpad.

The Moorhawk Duology

A wattpad duology consisting of the stories Alana’s Trail and Aidan’s Path. Alana’s Trail – Ranger Alana Moorhawk returns home from a courier mission to find her half-brother Aidan has not yet returned from a simple survey trip. Her search for him leads her to a secret that threatens their family. Aidan’s Path – When cleric Aidan Moorhawk […]

The Trouble With Recording History

Formerly a two-part expanded moment in my writing practice (under a completely different name), “The Trouble With Recorded History” is a vignette about one of the Golden Dragon archivists fighting machine and storage devices to preserve the very last story of the darkest moment in New Glory’s history.   Available on wattpad.